Drums Alive® fitness

This focus is aimed at all Group Fitness Instructors who want to integrate Drums Alive® into their course or club lessons or offer Drums Alive® as an independent course.

Drums Alive® health

To discover a fitness experience in the group, it combines the effects of traditional fitness programs with the benefits of music and rhythm.

Drums Alive® school

Let’s go on a journey of discovery into a world of fantasy, movements and rhythms – in a scientific way. Enjoy your activity!

More than just drumming!

THE DRUM BEAT works with the enthusiasm for drumming, drumming in general and the realization that this most original form of communication of mankind can be a real health and brain training. The combination of joy and fun in movement, rhythm, communication and social interaction are always the focus of the drumming.


  1. one time science project
  2. engaged social project
  3. exciting culture project
  4. internationally recognized
  5. Science that simply rocks!

To what extent this exciting fitness trend can also be used as sports and sociotherapy is the central question that sports scientists at Chemnitz University of Technology have been asking themselves since 2009 as part of THE DRUM BEAT.

The studies in Chemnitz are finished for the time being, but Drums Alive is still being researched on the international stage.

This summary contains the following study results:

  1. Effects of a Drums Alive® intervention on everyday motor, cognitive and physical parameters in senior citizens in nursing home facilities
  2. Effects of a Drums Alive® intervention in mentally handicapped children and depression patients
  3. Drums Alive® intervention in children with developmental delays
  4. Effects of a Drums Alive® intervention compared to conventional sports therapy in the inpatient treatment of depressive rehabilitation patients – a quasi-experimental study

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Instructor Training

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