Drums Alive® Fitness

Drums Alive® is found alongside the pillars of school and health in the fitness industry. This focus is aimed at all Group Fitness Instructors who want to integrate Drums Alive® into their course or club lessons or offer Drums Alive® as an independent course.

The target

of Drums Alive® is to improve quality of life physically and psychologically with the help of a unique sensorimotor drum program that only requires the use of sticks, a gym ball and music. The primary goal of the program is the development of a holistic mind and body feeling for all participants. Our goal for all our programs is to meet the needs of different groups of participants.

It is important to us to change something in the life of individuals and society – we want to give everyone the passion to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle. We undertake extensive research in the field of body and mind in order to promote everyone in their personal phase of life in the best possible way – we use science to better understand and support these stages of life. We offer a culturally complex program in which respect, mutual recognition and understanding are essential for EVERYONE. We give our students the power to celebrate and enjoy their own lives through programs that promote physical, social, kinaesthetic, emotional and cognitive health at all stages of life.

Group drumming spreads the power, joy and energy of the Drums Alive® idea among the participants. Scientifically proven, regular participation in a Drums Alive® course can improve the cardiovascular system, increase maximum oxygen uptake capacity and increase blood circulation.

As the most important finding, however, Drums Alive® has a high positive influence on the central nervous system. By using Drums Alive® the trainer is able to awaken certain brain structures of the participants, which have a positive effect on health.


To become a Drums Alive® Instructor you don’t need any great prerequisites. Access is granted to everyone who enjoys drumming and at best already has some feeling for music and rhythm.

In the 2-day basic training, the Certification Training, the prospective instructor gets the certain know-how he needs to pass on the basics of Drums Alive®. The basic drumming skills, i.e. the basic strokes, as well as the first combinations of aerobics and drums play a role. Music theory and rhythm training are as much a part of the training as the theoretical background behind Drums Alive®.

After completion of the 2-day basic training each participant carries the title “Drums Alive® Instructor” and is entitled to add the title “Drums Alive®” to the offered lesson contents. There is no monthly licence fee after completion of training and no obligation to renew the certificate every year.

Advanced training:

After completion of the Certification Training, every participant has access to our day courses. The following options are available: