Drums Alive® Golden Beats

Course description:

Golden Beats inspires people of all ages – whether they are young, old, healthy or sick. When we drum and dance, we have fun! This in turn releases endorphins and reinforces positive feelings. The rhythmic patterns of the drum increase the synchronisation of the brain hemispheres or waves, which in turn promotes feelings of well-being and increased mental attention as well as self-confidence. Drums Alive® Golden Beats is specially designed for the older generation. It is a unique drum and dance festival, which the participants leave with the feeling of being vitalized, restful and relaxed.

Choreographies, suggestions for balance/proproprioception/coordination and functional strength training as well as ideas for memory training with older people. The sequel to Golden Beats is here!

Golden Beats is specially designed for the older generation. In this workshop, ideas for both “standing” and “seated” seniors will be presented and developed.

Course contents:

  • Rhythm training
  • Choreographies
  • Modifications
  • memory training through rhythm
  • Theoretical background knowledge about age and training

Target groups:

  • Interested Senionsport trainers,
  • therapists for seniors and
  • Drums Alive® Instructors


A Drums Alive® basic training OR an education or training supervisor activity in the field of senior sports

Senioren trommelt und lacht

Advanced training: