Drums Alive® Certification Training
(basic training)

Course description:

Drums Alive® is a drum concept combined with maximum fun, aggression reduction, rhythm and general fitness. The concept of Drums Alive ® uses rhythm as a source of inspiration. It is a program that promotes healthy balance: physical, mental, emotional and social.

To perform Drums Alive® Power Beats, the concept for people without major physical limitations who are able to complete conventional fitness units, each participant needs a pezzi ball filled to the brim with air, a ball holder and a pair of drumsticks.

See for yourself what can be organised with this equipment:

Training Drums Alive® Power Beats
(Certification Training 16 learning units):

The 2-day basic training course is designed for trainers and instructors from the fitness sector. Participants in the training can also be therapists, educators and/or teachers who would like to get to know the concept.

Course contents:

  • Introduction of the basic drum techniques
  • basic steps, basic movements
  • combinations and choreographies
  • rhythm training and musicology
  • theoretical knowledge about the origin and effect of Drums Alive®
    hour accrual

The basic training is a prerequisite for some Drums Alive® training courses.

Target groups:

  • interested trainers,
  • therapists,
  • educator and
  • pedagogues.


Qualifications in the form of licenses or certificates are not required for participation in the training.
Sufficient feeling for music and rhythm, previous knowledge in the area of aerobic steps and at best teaching experience is helpful.

Advanced training: