Drums Alive® Instructor Day (Focus Drumbata)

Course description:

Instructor Day is THE day for all Drums Alive® instructors. This day gives you more inspiration for your Drums Alive® everyday life. In the 1st part of the day you are a participant and experience a powerful, rousing Drums Alive® Masterclass. The 2nd part of the training will be filled with a new focus at 2-year intervals. The current focus is on functional training.

Instructor Day (8 learning units):

We know how pleasant it is for every trainer to be on the side of the participants once again. That’s why we start every Instructor Day with a masterclass to join in and party with.

Course content:

  • Drums Alive® Masterclass
  • postprocessing of the masterclass
  • functional training
    • Drumbata
    • choreographed workout
    • Interval training

Target groups:

Drums Alive® Instructoren


Drums Alive® Certification Training (basic training)

Advanced training: