Drums Alive® Kids Beats

Course description:

A program of Drums Alive® tailored to children between the ages of 6 and 10.
Drums Alive® promotes concentration, memory and body coordination, especially in children, and it helps to reduce stress and aggression. It strengthens self-esteem, social skills and the development and promotion of sensory perceptions. The aim here is to make Drums Alive® accessible to children. Rhythm games are just as much a content as music education and creativity.

Kids Beats combines cognitive impressions with simple, dynamic movements and drumming on the fitness ball. Rhythm research is one of the main components of the programme. According to brain researchers, there is evidence that the drum experience promotes the activity of the nerve pathways and the synchronisation of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. In combination with movement, drumming can improve concentration, sensory and motor skills.

Another benefit of the program is that it provides an outlet for aggression. Kids Beats is a great way to reduce stress and aggression. Whoever drums becomes noticeably calmer and more balanced. By releasing endorphins, the children also experience a feeling of euphoria and happiness.

Course contents:

Kids Beats 2.0 – New choreographies, new ideas for games and handclapping games as well as rhythm games. The sequel to Kids Beats is here! For all Kids Beats fans it is important to know that after Kids Beats there are now Kids Beats 2.0. For all newcomers to Kids Beats, this is the foundation for you. Kids Beats 2.0 replaces Kids Beats.

Drums Alive® Kids Beats is based on didactic and methodological principles in dealing with children to promote their development.

  • rhythm training for children
  • creative learning
  • kids choreographies
  • rhythm games
  • cognitive Learning and Rhythm and Movement
  • theoretical background knowledge about development and motor skills

Target groups:

  • Interested trainers from children’s sports,
  • Therapists for children and
  • Drums Alive® Instructors


A Drums Alive® basic training OR an education or training supervisor activity in the field of children’s sports OR therapeutic training.

Ein Junge hinter dem Pezziball trommelt und hat ein Bein zur Seite gestreckt
Eine Gruppe von Kindern sitzend mit erhobenen Händen kniend auf dem Boden
Ein an Autismus erkrankter Junge trommelt mit großer Freude

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