Drums Alive® Wellness Beats

Course description:

A person who experiences more well-being (wellness) and a higher quality of life is healthier. The aspects of a healthy life are: healthy nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, maintaining healthy relationships with oneself and others, developing strategies and skills to deal with setbacks and promote spiritual, intellectual and creative balance. It can be difficult to succeed in any category. (Ardell, 2005)

Drumming causes changes in the central nervous system. Rhythmic stimulation influences electrical activity in many sensory and motor areas of the brain. Several impulses are transmitted along different nerve paths in the brain.

Course contents:

In the content decision, the topic of wellness beats confronted us with decisions. Wellness can have very different facets. While reading a good book means wellness for one person, a sauna is necessary for the other person to feel the feeling of wellness. Other individuals need a movement unit with spirit, fun and inspiration for the feeling.

  • Drums Alive® Wellness Beats Masterclass
  • detailed examination of the contents of the master class
  • choreography by verse and chorus
  • rhythm interpretation and wellness beats
  • transcendental drums

Target groups:

Drums Alive® Instructoren


Drums Alive® Certification Training OR Drums Alive® Academic Beats® Training

asiatischer Mann posiert mit Drumsticks hinter einem Ball
farbenfrohes Bild mit jungem Mann, der Musik hört

Advanced training: