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Our promise

We promise to offer you a scientifically sound program that promotes physical, kinaesthetic, emotional and mental health at all stages of your life and lets you enjoy life.

Partner an research

In cooperation with the University of Chemnitz, Drums Alive® and THE DRUM BEAT provide the world’s first study to investigate the physical requirements of drums / percussion games and the further application of drums, movement and sporting activity by an interdisciplinary team of scientists, musicians, teachers, doctors, therapists and municipal institutions.

THE DRUM BEAT is a worldwide unique research project, created to gain scientific knowledge about the connection between drums and movement and to develop social and medical measures from it.

is based on a research project at the University of Gloucestershire called the Clem Burke Drumming Project. In it, studies on the physical requirements of drumming/percussion playing were published for the first time worldwide. The Chemnitz University of Technology[TUC] was given the opportunity to participate in this research series and thus expand its research focus by using cognitive and many other parameters.

The teams of Drums Alive® and THE DRUM BEAT work to structure the positive effects of simple drum language combined with movement and make them accessible to society.

Drums Alive®, the first fitness trend to combine drumming and movement using a multi-modular approach, is one of the most important measures in this study for practical applicability and the holistic approach. Drum Beat investigates and applies all aspects of drumming in a multidisciplinary project to serve society in terms of physical and mental health, social challenges, cross-cultural aspects, music and education.