Drums Alive® school

Let’s go on a journey of discovery into a world of fantasy, movements and rhythms – in a scientific way. Because one thing is clear – Academic Beats® makes learning a completely new experience – engaging in fun!

Drums Alive® Academic Beats® is aimed at educators and educators who want to give their children the opportunity to learn in other ways.

Every educator asks himself the question, “How can I organise the lessons so that my children/students will be happy to come to the lessons again tomorrow”. One way is to improve teaching methods so that learning becomes an entertaining, safe, comprehensible and exciting experience. Academic Beats® makes use of such teaching methods and helps the teachers/educators to create an environment in which each individual student can achieve his or her best scientifically and individually. In addition, Academic Beats® shows teachers and educators ways and means of integrating movement, creativity and rhythm into their teaching.

Academic Beats® combines cognitive impressions with simple yet dynamic movements and drumming on the fitness ball. Rhythm research is one of the main components of the program. Although the students/children learn with their bodies, they leave every sitting fully mentally awake, with increased blood circulation and improved self-esteem. According to brain researchers, there is evidence that the drum experience promotes the activity of the nerve pathways and the synchronisation of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. In combination with movement, drumming can improve concentration, sensory and motor skills (University of Chemnitz 2010).

In the 2-day basic training, Drums Alive® Academic Beats®, educators and pedagogues (or people with equivalent qualifications) learn the basic skills of drumming that are required to use them to convey pedagogical content.

After completion of the 2-day basic training each participant carries the title “Drums Alive® Academic Beats® Instructor” and is entitled to provide the offered hour contents accordingly with the title “Drums Alive®”. There is no monthly licence fee after completion of training and no obligation to renew the certificate every year.

After completing the Academic Beats® training, every participant has access to our other modules: