Drums Alive® Bambini Beats

Course description:

The holistic training for toddlers in kindergarten, in day care and in sports groups with toddlers

A program from Drums Alive®, tailored for children between the ages of 3 and 5.
What is important is early childhood support that corresponds to the age and needs of children, recognizes their talents and interests at an early stage and promotes them intensively. This program supports the children’s natural urge to move with pleasure. It provides a platform to reduce excess energy, reduce stress and enable relaxation phases. It is fun and games with other children and lets everyone go on an exciting journey of discovery together.

Children need exercise for their holistic development. This exercise and support programme trains and strengthens the children in concentration and memory, rhythm, music and new joy in movement.

Rhymes, gossip verses, singing games in connection with rhythmic movements are memorized very well.

Course contents:

Contents and topics of this concept for holistic promotion
Drums Alive® Bambini Beats is based on didactic and methodological principles in dealing with children to promote their development:

  • Motor skills, conditional and coordinative
  • sensomotoric
  • concentration capability
  • sensory perception
  • Creative processes
  • body perception
  • social behavior
  • relaxation

Target groups:

  • Interested trainers from children’s sports,
  • therapists for children and
  • Drums Alive® Instructors


A Drums Alive® basic training OR an education or training supervisor activity in the field of infants (3-5 years)

Advanced training: